TELEPHONE: 07984 424811

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Junior Dragons

Junior Dragons Leadership is a special program for Boys and Girls aged between 7 and 15.

The primary goal of this exciting program is to build on the core basic skills from Taekwondo / Karate and Kickboxing and truly begin the journey to Black Belt on this Freestyle Martial Arts program.

It is a safe, fun and essential way to expand your Martial Arts journey, which will teach essential strikes, Kicks, Blocks, Taekwondo Patterns/Kata and physical fitness tips, drills and exercises. using soft pads and specialist equipment at the Academy to help;

  • Hone your new found Skills and abilities
  • Learn how to protect yourself & your loved ones
  • Take the option of entering into Competitions
  • Develop Self control and Discipline
  • Massive increases in Confidence & Self Belief
  • To learn to Respect others & not to misuse the new powers learnt
  • To learn how to protect yourself in difficult situations
  • To set the ultimate goal of becoming a Black Belt

A free taster lesson  and Induction tour of the centre is available to those who call 07984 424811